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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Old Books/Bella finds a cat in Barkley Hall!

Old books are my friends. I treasure the words hidden within and love well worn exteriors.   As strange as it may sound, these 2  books have a tie to "Miss Betty". More on that tomorrow.

I love to read and many people have asked me about getting a  Kindle. BUT.....I just can't make that leap yet. I could NEVER give up the joy of holding a book in my hand, flipping the pages, the feel of the old cover ( ok..ok...I know all about germs....but I still love my books, especially old ones...... so the germs probably died 10 years ago.)

This is the only cat we have at ALL, of any kind, in Barkley Hall. Bella has just discovered it and I'm not sure she really likes it. I don't have the heart to tell her that it looks a little like her. Check out the eyes! And you can't see it, but the ears bear a strange resemblance as well.



Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

hi cindy! thanks for the visit to my blog. i am now a new follewer of yours and without a GPS...don't own one OR a KIMBLE...i am with you..a good book is the best. something handled by others who so loved it and with dog ears to boot.


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

ps: a new... FOLLOWER...typing on
a lap top is much to be desired..

Colleen said...

You may change your mind if you ever get a Nook or IPAD. I never think I will like new technology until I get it then know I will never want to live without it.

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

I checked in and I'm saying to myself, this is so familiar, then I see the Rev and I think what a coincidence, then I see Jayce and I know exactly where I am! Hello Lady! Welcome back! It's the writer in you. There just has to be someplace to put it all down. Your beach photos are so artful and beautiful. I'm so glad you are a free woman! I hope that it has made a big and good difference for you. Maybe "kindle", maybe not, but always books. Apples. Oranges. Thanks for stopping by. Great to hear from you!