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Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Journey Continues!

One of my favorite quotes is by Claude Monet. He had this to say " It is on the strength of observation and reflection that one finds a way. So we must dig and delve unceasingly.

Alot has happened to me over the course of the last 4 years. My life has been filled with much personal pain. In March of 2010, I had a SAH of the brain. I spent 10 days in Neuro ICU. Even now, when I see my doctors, they still look at me and say, "you should not be alive."

I would not stop. I returned to work for the remainder of that school year and worked during the past school year. I was going to be tough. I was not going to let the pain, either the physical pain or the pain in my heart get to me.

But eventually, it all became too much. I gave up all outside activites ( such as blogging...some of you may remember me from A hairless dog, a rabbit, and Savannah Moss), slowed down at church, and tried to slow down at work. Even that was not enough and finally I faced the fact that I was not the young chick I was before my illness and so I retired.

And now, like Monet, I find myself observing life in a new way, reflecting on life in a different manner. Every day I spend some time digging and delving into some part of myself that has been hidden away....even from myself.

And so I have decided to blog again, for alot of reasons. I hope you will
join me. I can't promise that every post will make you laugh, or be some absolute great thrifting post, but I can promise you that every post will be real.........

I cannot end this first post without saying Thank you Colleen. If I never write another post,  If I never meet another person through blogging.......just having met you  has made it all worth it!  There are no words............

Hugs to all!!


Colleen said...

After a painful, heartbreaking week, I have smiled for the first time. I am so happy that you are blogging again. I love you too and I am so thankful that I met such a special friend through a blog! Welcome back friend, welcome back.

Jennifer said...

YAY I am so glad that you are blogging again. I can't wait to read all you have to say. We will have to get together for our first meeting of the yo yo sisters. LOL I love you and hopefully will see you Sunday. Kiss all my babies for me on the lips. Take care.