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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Constant Companion!

 I know for some of you....."beauty is in the eye of the beholder" may apply here. But to me...Jayce is incredibly beautiful...inside and out. I love all 3 of my dogs but have a very strong bond with Jayce. Long story as short as possible...Jayce was to be a therapy dog of sorts. I was going to use him at school with my special needs kids and then with regular ed kids to talk about how kids are kids...regardless of the differences in their appearances.

Didn't really work.....Jayce became too bonded with me and wouldn't really interact well with others. The name Jayce means...."one who heals". At first, I was disappointed. Later, I realized....Jayce was much smarter than I. As hard as it has been for me to admit it, I needed him....just for myself.

And just so you know....I'm not one of those weird people who dress their dogs and think they are their kids. Jayce has NO hair, except the small amount on his head, his tail, and his feet. He gets very cold in the airconditioning AND he wears a belly band because despite my BEST attempts at housebreaking he still marks. And so underneath his cute little pants....he has on a cheap diaper tied on with a bandana.

Before you start telling me I didn't try hard enough, remember I taught special needs Kindergarten kids for years. You can't find tougher folks to potty train. Jayce takes the cake! The truth is that cresteds are a primitive breed who just naturally mark their territory. Translation??? I'll be buying huggies forever because around here......Jayce is the MAN!



Colleen said...

I think Jayce is adorable! My daughter Maggie wants a hairless cat but I don't do inside cats. We have three outside cats that adopted us. We love them to pieces but our nine year old Yorkie is my constant companion. Animals are so wonderful and love us no matter what.

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Awwwh! Jayce is a cutie! I haven't seen a dog quite like him! Thanks for the birthday wishes for Baby Kitty!...hugs...Debbie

Jennifer said...

My man Jayce your looking handsome as always. When I come over tomorrow maybe we can finally have tea and crumpettes if its ok with your mommy. Luv Ya Jayce!!!

Colleen said...

Cindy, I have not forgotten your wonderful invitation to Savannah! I promise I am going to get there. I can't drive myself so I have to time it just right so my girls can help with the driving. So it would be me, Jessica, Maggie and Jessica's 15, 12 and 5 year olds coming. Jessica and Maggie are in college so we are going to look at schedules and see what we can do. I can't wait to see your gorgeous city and meet you and the Rev!!!!!

TexCyn said...

No judgement here. I know toy breeds well! They are soo hard to house break & yes, some are impossible. I'm sure picking out clothes is kind of like going shopping for baby clothes, they are just so cute! I'm fostering a chiweenie right now. He refused to even wear a winter coat last year. He'd just reach back & rip it off, so he went outside without & he was fine - although he's NOT a crested & I do know they need to be kept warm.