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Thursday, July 14, 2011

A New Toy!

I know I promised to tell you the connection between "Miss Betty" and old books's going to have to wait one more day because we have a new toy at Barkley Hall and we are VERY excited!

A NEW BIKE....oh wait, let's count those wheel's, two, three???  Oh.....a new trike for mama. That's's a little shaky on her own two feet right now so it is better not to invite trouble ( or further injury to her head) by putting her on something with 2 wheels but 3 she should be good to go with that!!!

Bella looks all dressed up and ready doesn't she?? Jayce and Fresca were checking it out too. Of course, you can see that it is still inside. We are "practicing" before we take this machine out on the open road but we will be ready any day now.......yep..any day now we will be cruising the streets of Savannah in this cutie.



Colleen said...

I LOVE IT! What a fun way to get around! I think Bella is ready to go for her first ride around the block!

Colleen said...

Check your email. ;)