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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jayce Goes Natural!

Didn't have a post ready and so I thought....what could be better than Jayce.....naked??? I have been very busy.....hence the lack of posts. I went in for a routine check up today with one of my doctors and I have to have another cat scan and some different meds for a week or so. Nothing serious...but just not fun. So...I may or may not get to post alot next week....but I'll be back.  Please hang in there. I have some great Good Will finds, a make over in "The Rev's Office", a fun "party" theme night at home with friends, and a recipe for home made German food. In the mean time.....let me find some clothes for that "nekkid dog"!



Colleen said...

Jayce looks like a different dog when he's naked! HA!

I hope you get all get news from your doctor visits. Please let me know asap.

I am going to send you an email so just check it when you have time. I will be watching for your posts about your new goodies!!!

Jane@Cottage at the Crossroads said...

Hi Cindy,
Thanks for the recent visit. We are members of a United Methodist church in our small town. Your little dog looks cute naked! It has been so hot here that I've been tempted to cut our dog's hair. She just cannot tolerate the heat (I haven't been doing so well with it either!) I made a trip to Savannah in June. It is such a neat town. Come back and visit again soon. Jane