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Friday, August 5, 2011

A few of my favorite things.................

                                                                       My favorite tea cup!

                        My favorite tea, Emperor's Bride from my favorite Tea Room in Savannah.

                                         My favorite "Brown Betty" wearing my favorite tea cozy.



                                                                                 AND NOW  :)


My favorite tea kettle and my FAVORITE Goodwill find of all time. "The Rev" came up to me and said "Look, here is a yellow tea kettle. I know you already have a kettle, but I know you like tea and I know you like yellow so I thought you might like it." I took one look at that shiny black button on the top that said "Le Creuset" and that price tag that said 2.99 and I was one happy girl!!! In our house, "The Rev" currently holds the title of Best Goodwill find because of this kettle.

Every time I heat my water in my cheery yellow  French kettle to steep my Scandinavian Emperor's Bride in my English Brown Betty to drink from my English tea cup using my tea spoon from Wales.....I am as happy as a dead pig in the sunshine!


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Colleen said...

The Rev did GOOD! I go into Williams Sonoma often and that tea kettle sells for $70 (sometimes on sale for a little less)! Y'all must have some really nice Goodwills. After reading blog posts from various people who find treasures galore, I stolled into our Goodwill a few times and it was horrible. Just a bunch of musty smelling clothes, broken toys and junk. I did get an outfit for a scrarecrow once! HA Hope you enjoy your beautiful tea kettle for many years!